ear infection young child

What causes ear infections?

Bacteria? Virus? Well, let me ask you this…
If an ear infection was ONLY caused by a virus or bacteria, why are ear infections sometimes only in one ear?  Could it be that ear infections are actually caused by something besides a virus or bacteria?
What we know about ear infections is that they are the leading diagnosis given to children in the winter months.  We also know that as a parent you have a choice in treatment for your child.  Our goal is to empower you with knowledge; a knowledge that what you’re doing for your child is safe and effective.


If you live or work in Boise, Meridian or Eagle please visit our office. Your kids are sure to enjoy the family friendly atmosphere in our office. Additionally with a section of the office dedicated to pediatric chiropractic there are toys & a pediatric adjustment table to ensure kids have fun & have the highest quality of care.
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Traditional treatment:




What is the role of an antibiotic?  If you said that the role was to kill bacteria, you would be correct!  And that’s not a bad thing right?
Well, as it turns out, when an antibiotic enters the body, it doesn’t know what bacteria is good, and what bacteria is bad.  It just targets ALL bacteria and starts to kill, even the good bacteria in our bodies that help protect and build the immune system.  Does it make sense to decrease our bodies defense system in an attempt to “fix” something caused by bacteria?
On top of that, if the ear infection was caused by a virus, those antibiotics are unfortunately useless.


Ear Tubes

The surgical implantation of a plastic gage in the eardrum.  Though sometimes effective, what needs to be considered is whether or not your child actually NEEDS the ear tubes.  The worst case of ear infections may end up not needing ear tubes!  The diagnosis of an “ear infection” in no way categorizes your child into what medication or surgery they might need.  What should be considered first is the 3 Safest Alternatives for Ear Infections.  I’m sure you could guess one of them, maybe two… but as for the third?  I think this one might come as a surprise.

As good parents, we want what is best for our children, and watching them suffer is never easy.  Meet Tyson’s dad, someone who has directly seen his sons ear infections disappear after using the 3 Safest Alternatives for Ear Infections.

“Tyson had been having ear infections on and off for about an 8-9 month stretch.  We would go visit the pediatrician and treat the infection with antibiotics.  Over time, it seemed that the infections were coming back more frequently…Tyson began showing signs of another infection coming on.  Generally he sleeps through the night, but he was waking up 4-5 times a night and then tugging on his ear when it was irritating him during the day.  After about 4 nights of this, we made the decision that we would like to try something different than the antibiotics…That first night he slept over 11 hours straight without waking up.  It has now been about 6 weeks and Tyson has not had any signs of ear infections. We were amazed at the instant results we saw and how he was relieved of the pain the ear infections were causing him.”  ~Andrew (Tyson’s Dad)

Experiences like this happen every day.  If your child has had ear infections and you are looking for a medication free way of helping them, let us know.