Constipation in children is common, but it is not normal.

baby constipation Many factors play in to what might be causing the constipation, such as diet, hydration, and spinal alignment. You may have thought about the first two factors, but the third may be new.

The Root Cause

Research shows that chiropractic helps infants with constipation.  Say goodbye to the Miralax!  How are we able to get such great results with our little patients that have constipation?  We find the root cause of the constipation through an exam and nerve scans.

Hose Kink


A way to think about this is to think about a hose with water flowing through it.  If the hose becomes kinked, then water gets stopped until the kink is worked out.  Many times these little kiddos have small alterations in their spine that negatively influence specific nerve flow in the spine.  These nerves control the organs and muscles responsible for proper elimination.  If the nerves aren’t working properly, then digestion won’t work properly.

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