Auto accidents require special attention.

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Did you know that whiplash can occur at speeds as low as 5-10mph?

Many individuals with whiplash don’t know they have whiplash from their auto injury, and the effects can be felt days, months or even years down the road if not properly treated.

While medication can provide temporary relief, proper treatment for an auto accident is not to take pain pills and muscle relaxants.  The nature of an automobile accident requires more than that.

Helpful tips after you get into a car accident: 

  1.  Learn how to use ICE and HEAT properly to avoid further tissue damage.  (Ask us for our Ice vs. Heat instructions!)
  2. If you don’t NEED to take pain killers, don’t take them.  You may end up injuring yourself more.
  3. If you receive a call from the other insurance company asking about your injuries, help them know you are going to seek professional help to determine the extent of injuries sustained.

Most insurance plans take care of your chiropractic care.  We can easily walk you through the few steps to get you back to where you were before your accident.

Since our office is just off Eagle RD people from Boise & Meridian find our office their best choice for a convenient location to stop in for a quick adjustment. With a room dedicated to children, both to play or for pediatric adjustments, our office is built to be family friendly. If you have been in an auto accident please Request a Free Consultation