Chiropractic Improves Athletic Performance


If you’ve watched the olympics, you may have seen athletes on the side getting treated by a chiropractor.  Now why would an olympic athlete need a chiropractic adjustment? Usain Bolt, who won the title of the Fastest Man on Earth commented that he uses chiropractic care to bounce back more quickly from injuries as well as enhance his ability to perform while healthy.

Physical Activity Takes a Toll

When we think of trauma, we commonly think about “car accident” trauma, or a big fall.  We fail to realize that repetitive motions are traumatic to the body, as is intense physical activity.  If we are able to remove minor imbalances in the skeletal and muscular system this inevitably will have an impact on the function and performance of the body.

The “Trifecta”

There are 3 essential components to consider when it comes to improving athletic performance and recovering from sports injuries.

1. Skeletal balance – not just in the spine, but in the feet, knees and hips as well.

2. Muscular balance – think of the last time you joined a tug-of-war challenge. Essentially your muscles on each side of your spine are challenging each other with every movement. In tug-of-war, when someone loses their grip or slips, the other team starts to win the battle. It’s the same idea in body. If one muscle decides to stop functioning properly, then the opposite muscle wins the battle and ends up causing pain.

3. Nerve balance – commonly muscular balance can cause skeletal imbalance, but muscular imbalance can be caused from nerve imbalance.  Chiropractors treat the body and allow the nerves to function properly, which then allows the muscles to function properly. This inevitably alleviates the pressure and pain that you end up feeling.

At Highland Chiropractic, in order to best evaluate each individuals situation, the doctor will evaluate each of these three essential components with state of the art technology.  Finding confidence and clarity in your healthcare is important to us, and refreshing to you. Contact Highland Chiropractic by requesting a free consultation by clicking here.