Seizures and the Chiropractic Solution

Seizures are scary, there is no doubt about that.  The cause of seizures varies from person to person, as does the treatment for those with seizures. Common procedures done today in the medical field include medication and vagal nerve stimulator implants, both of which have severe side effects.  Vagal nerve stimulators are an interesting concept to consider because of what they are meant to do – stimulate the vagus nerve!

Why Stimulate the Vagus Nerve?

Looking at the picture below you will see that the vagus nerve actually runs close to the spine.  Abnormal movement and placement of the spine can affect the vagus nerve signals to the brain.


When there is an abundance of ‘abnormal’ signals to the brain, the brain will try to reset itself.  The seizure is an example of the brain trying to reset itself.  The vagus nerve stimulator is meant to help the reset process, however, if the cause of dysfunction is a spinal misalignment, the vagus nerve stimulator is only masking the true problem.

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