Ladies Night Out 2017

Ladies Night Out 2017 was great! We had such an amazing time and appreciate all the awesome support from our wonderful practice members. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll fill you in a bit. Ladies Night Out is one of our annual event that we hold to give back to those who have made Highland Chiropractic what it is today. (We seriously wouldn’t be here without, what I call, our Highland Tribe.)

This year we hosted the event at Twig’s Martini Bar & Bistro in the Village. It’s such a great restaurant and has an amazing atmosphere – especially when you combine those things with chair massages, fun giveaways and B.I.N.G.O.!

I had David with voodshoots do some filming and compile this video of the evening. Check it out!


Want to join us for our events?

We hike Table Rock every year.

We host an amazing Movie Event every year.

And we host Ladies Night Out every year.

We’re gearing up for more fun, so stay tuned.

If you haven’t joined the Highland Tribe yet and would like to then get ahold of us here.

The Best Non-Toxic Multipurpose Cleaner Yet!

I’ll be the first to admit. I’m kind of a sucker for nerdy science stuff. So when I heard about this new cleaner that you make at home and watch it “activate” I bought it immediately. On top of that, this new cleaner promised that there would be absolutely NO toxic chemicals like 99% of other cleaners out there.

If you’re wanting to check it out go check it out here —-> Force of Nature Cleaner     …And no, I don’t own this company. I just really like the product.

So when it came to the house my kids opened the box and said, “what the heck is this for?” I told my son to get water in a the bottle that came in the package. My daughter poured a little tube of the “ingredients”, which is a salt and vinegar solution, into the water.





Then comes the fun part…if you’re a nerd like me. You press a button and voila – the solution starts to fizz and bubble as you watch  your cleaner activate!






Why am I so nerdy for this cleaner? For one thing, there are no allergens, irritants or disgusting smells that leave an area smelling like it was kiiiinddda cleaned. My wife said that it seemed like an expensive science trick until she saw that this stuff actually worked.  Some of us like to have that deodorizing and sanitizing effect that bleach has, no doubt. This has it. I haven’t added essential oils into the cleaner, but I’m sure that would be even more amazing.

It’s not just another cleaner, it’s the cleaner that is replacing my Honest brand cleaners for sure!

To get $30 off click on this link and join their email list —-> Force of Nature Cleaner

Just wanted to share this with you in hopes that it might help you in your search for a cleaner that is, well, clean itself!

Christmas Miracles

There are a couple things that I was reminded of after my family and I took the journey out towards Idaho City on that snowy Friday last week. I had planned on having our entire office travel out to deliver the gifts, but with the snow storm hitting earlier that day, I decided it would be better for them to stay back home with their families. So I took my family, and off we went.

Now, I’d never been to this persons house before, so we just went with the directions we had hoping that we would end up where we needed to be.  Well, we traveled too far up into the mountains just before Idaho City. Finally after being told by Reagan (my wife)  a few times to stop and ask for help, I pulled up to a man who was plowing the roads and his driveway with his tractor. I asked where this specific house was, and he looked at our car (family mini van) and just laughed.

He said, “Do you have all-wheel-drive in this thing?!”  I said, “Of course not.” And he was surprised we had continued up the mountain for so long. He shook his head and laughed. He told us to go back down the mountain about 8 miles…yeah, I should have stopped earlier…but hey, I’m a guy and that’s how I do things sometimes.

So we get back down to where he told us to go, which is actually where we initially thought that we should be…of course.  I pulled in to an area where there were a bunch of mail boxes for the community and there was a guy putting chains on his truck tires…and here I am, rollin’ in a minivan like an idiot, with my entire family on board.

I asked him if he knew the specific address, and he pointed up the hill and said that he thought it was up there somewhere. Initially he said that he would follow us up the hill, but luckily then decided that he would take the trek up the hillside in his truck and scope it out for us. So he and his wife made their way up the hill…

OK – have you seen those Ford, Chevy or Dodge commercials where they drive the trucks in the craziest conditions just to show how awesome the trucks are? Yeah, that was him. He plowed through the snow, tires throwing up so much snow I felt like I was re-living one of those truck commercials….I should have filmed it. But after seeing that, I was thinking, “OK, there’s no way we’re getting up there in this van. We’re going to hike with all these presents up to the house and deliver this Christmas no matter what!”

He came back down and reported that he found the house, but that nobody was home.

Ok. So I had no cell service. I was only 72% sure that the address was completely accurate and wasn’t sure what to do.

So our new found friend, Jason, offered to help us no matter what. He and his wife wanted to make sure that everything was delivered. I decided that I had to call our contact to see when we could get these gifts inside and under the tree, so I jumped in Jason’s truck and went up the other side of the mountain to their house to use a land line to call and get everything arranged.


Jason works for Iron Horse Excavation in Boise and absolutely loves the company. He wanted me to make sure I got the Iron Horse decal in the picture…so for all those reading this who need some excavation work done – this is your man to go to!

This was a bit more involved than I care to even recount, but I had to call person A to get to person B to see if Giving Tree family was home, who then had to call back over to me…it was a crazy web of calls, just to figure out if we could get these delivered immediately or if I needed to dig a snow cave and stay the night.

It was all sorted out, and within 30 minutes we were back down the hill, loaded up all the gifts in Jason’s truck and up the hill we went!

Snow-braving crew delivering Christmas. We’re not sure how Santa does it, but this gave us a whole new appreciation for his magic!

Quincy (my youngest) looks thrilled, I know. But we got everything delivered and were so happy to be part of the whole thing to make this Christmas amazing for this family.

Though all of this I was reminded that:

Miracles Happen – even if they are just small miracles. Jason and his wife didn’t need to help us. They didn’t need to take take out of their lives to help us or this family, but they did. And I don’t think that it was “just by chance” that everything happened the way it did.

Giving is far better than receiving – all of us have so much. We take it for granted. Myself included. But I was reminded that the best thing that we can do in our lives is to give of ourselves, our time, and resources to help those who need help. 

I hope that all of you who helped donate this year know how truly truly grateful I am for you and your generosity in giving of your time, and your resources to help us this year.

From our tree to theirs.


That’s a Wrap!

After many weeks of planning and preparation Mom’s Night Out 2016 is officially over. Our hope is that from here MNO will only grow. This event is a great opportunity for us to say thank you to all the women in our practice. With each event that we offer to our patients our goal is to add valuable experiences that make a difference in people’s lives. We hope that we accomplished that for all of the women in attendance last night.

Mom's Night Out - Gerbera DaisiesMassage

Mom's Night Out - Gift Bags

Let's be Social

Gift TableMom's Night Out

Mom’s Night Out would not have been possible without the amazing businesses that donated prizes for our raffle and gift bags. We were able to giveaway seventeen raffle prizes (HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?) and everyone went home with a gift bag full of goodies.

Brenda Nelson with Boutique De Fleur
Becky Miller with Crunchy Mom Life
Ashley Cates with Native Ally
Christen Schneider with Damsel in Defense
Matt Schneider with Forward Movement Training
Eagle Yoga House
Lulu Lemon
Lisa Johnson with Nerium International
Dutch Bros.
Scents – Jennie Buckner
Exhale Salon and Med Spa
Northwest Laser Institute
Shari Fernandez with Fitmania

We also want to thank A Lively Chef Catering and The Owhyee. We could not have asked for a better catering service and venue.

Thank you to everyone who joined us. We are looking forward to next year!

Detox: is it even safe? {FREE Neurotoxicity Screening Test Below}

Chiropractor In Meridian - detoxHealth is something that everybody talks about, protects or wants to restore, and a common buzz word in our search for finding increased vitality is DETOX.  (Access your FREE Neurotoxicity Screening Test Here)

The most common reasons I have seen people start a detox program (including myself) are:

  • “Thyroid issues”
  • Autoimmune issues
  • Inability to lose weight
  • Brain fog/short term memory loss (this one was what got me started)
  • Allergies
  • Unexplained chronic fatigue
  • Wanting to increase overall health and vitality

This is not a comprehensive list at all. Maybe your purpose is different. When it comes to helping these issues with a detox, finding a safe detox requires you to do some serious research.

(I’m a nerd. I’ve done that research for you! But here are some common questions to consider.)

Are detox programs safe?

To this I answer, unequivocally yes…IF it is done properly.  There are more programs out there than I can even imagine, but for those I have researched and seen, the biggest fault I’ve seen in most programs is this: they don’t adequately PREPARE the body to handle the toxins that will be released into the system.  This ends up causing the toxins to be reabsorbed into the body.  Properly preparing the body for detox will allow adequate, and hopefully complete elimination of toxins affecting your ability to sleep, feel rested, and get your health back.

How do I decide what detox program I should do?

Besides the obvious considerations like ingredients, duration, and value, the biggest key in knowing what program to do is first knowing your purpose in doing a detox. On top of that, if you’re like me then you want to hear what kind of success others might have had on the program. What I love doing is helping individuals find what they are looking for.

How do I know if I should detox or not?

There are three specific tests that we run to evaluate the necessity of a deep cellular detox. One of those essential tests is called the Neurotoxicity Screening Test. I have made this test available for you to take right now by clicking here -> Neurotoxicity Screening Test.  It will only take you a few minutes and is well worth your time!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



Which Herbs are a Reliable Alternative for Chronic Pain?

Blog Graphic_HerbsMany people who suffer from chronic addictions, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and chronic pain feel that the only solution is pharmaceutical drugs. But what if there was a reliable alternative? An alternative that would not have side effects and would allow patients to work through the pain.

Herbal Alternatives
There are several herbs that are used for pain/discomfort. This does not necessarily mean that these herbs act identical to the pharmaceutical drugs, however sometimes they do. Below are some examples of herbal alternatives:

Pain: Inflammatory (osteoarthritis and sports injuries)
Pharmaceutical Drug: Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Herbs: Willow bark, Ginger, Turmeric, Celery

Pain: Autoimmunity (rheumatoid arthritis, lupus)
Pharmaceutical Drug: Corticosteroid drugs
Herbs: Turmeric, Feverfew

Pain: Spasm pain (tension headaches)
Pharmaceutical Drug: Antispasmodic drugs
Herbs: Corydalis, Wild yam, California poppy

Pain: Neuralgic pain (cancer pain and fibromyalgia)
Pharmaceutical Drug: Opiates, Antidepressants
Herbs: California poppy, Corydalis, Jamaica dogwood

All the herbs mentioned can be useful alternatives for the types of pain described. They may need to be utilized in high doses but according to research they are safe and surprisingly effective with beneficial effects in pain relief.

Reference: Bone, Kerry. Author of Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy and the Essential Guide to Herbal Safety.

Misconceptions of Healthy Food Labels

Blog Graphic_May6Going to the grocery store can be an easy task when looking for healthy foods, right? All you have to look for are words such as all-natural, organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, etc. However, relying on those terms alone can be misleading.

The term “health halo” refers to the perception that a food is healthy, whether it is or not. This perception is often times accomplished with clever marketing that focuses on covering the packaging with buzz words (organic, all-natural, gluten-free, non-GMO). While most of these foods are healthy some of them are not. They are processed junk food. Marketers use these words for a reason because research has shown that using a label that says organic on foods that are not truly organic can trick even the most educated shoppers into paying more. In fact research has shown that shoppers pay up to 23 percent more.

Instead of relying on labels and the buzz words that flood the packaging do the complete opposite. Try to fill the grocery cart with foods that do not contain labels. Don’t think the health claims are always correct, be hesitant. The health claims are truly only there to sell the product. One of the many positives of eating real food (fruits, vegetables, nuts.) is that you know what is in them. Remember, next time you are in the grocery store, “health halo.”

Torticollis? What the heck is that…

Go ahead and put your left ear on your shoulder right now. How does that affect what you do, or what you want to do? Are you able to work the same? Could you drive the same? Can you even breathe the same depth of air?

The answer is unequivocally, NO!  And what you just experienced for a moment is a case of torticollis.

Torticollis affects both children and adults and can have a significant lasting effect on the quality of life, and the quality of spinal health. When this goes untreated it ends up causing pain, skull shape changes, and scoliosis.  In babies this also affects how well they are able to breastfeed and can have a significant impact on their sleep cycle.

For kids, the cause is typically the birth process, which is why we see so many young kids (as young as 20 minutes old!) in our office.  We want to make sure that each child that comes into this world, regardless of the method (natural birth, c-section, etc).  In the video below you will see one of the many cases of torticollis that we have seen significant changes with in our office.

How to Ground Your Kids The Right Way

As a parent we’re always looking for ways to help our kids.  Now even if you don’t have any kids, this still applies to you. Read on and see why you need to ground YOURSELF and your kids right now.

You might be thinking this has to do with discipline.

And it does.  But probably not the discipline you’re thinking of.

Let’s get one thing straight–  life is stressful.  As an adult you might realize that you had it pretty good ‘back in the day’ where your stresses were slightly smaller, and more manageable.  However, stress is all relative to the individual.  So even though we look back and think, “Wow, I had it good…” we need to remember that the reason that the past seems “easier” now, is because our point of reference has changed.

You have stress. Your kids have stress.  The idea that one person’s stress is easier or more manageable is not always the case.

When stress builds up, emotions run high and we can become more volatile and less rational.  Living in a state of stress causes a decrease in your ability to fight illness, it causes acne, hair loss, irregular appetite, and an increase in heart attack and stroke risk.

As we age we experience and learn how to manage our stress. Then things like two hours of homework and a mid-term paper seem easy, and even preferable to adults, but can be the cause of overwhelming amounts teenage stress. Experience in life helps us consciously gage, reduce, and even override our stress response.

Another very helpful way to reduce stress in yourself and your kids is through a good grounding.

Grounding is also called Earthing.  It is a simple way to decrease stress and tension, while energizing and detoxifying the body.  Not only is grounding helpful in clearing mental stress, it LITERALLY will decrease your stress hormones (specifically cortisol) in your body and allow you to be healthier.

How to Ground Yourself or Your Kids

  1. Set aside 10-15 minutes in your day
  2. Kick off your shoes and socks
  3. Walk on barefoot on grass, soil, or sand
  4. Breathe
  5. Smile
  6. Repeat

Every day after work, there is nothing that stops me from kicking off my shoes and socks and heading straight outside to be with my kids in our garden, or running around on the grass.  The health benefits are too great to NOT do this.



(The picture above has up in our office for quite some time as a healthy reminder for grounding)


What do you do in the winter?

So of course this is difficult because true grounding is when your feet come in contact with the earth, not just hardwood floor, carpet or cement. There is still benefit in doing this, but if you’re serious about grounding year round, you can always buy a grounding mat at They also have grounding sheets, pillowcases and computer mats.


Are You Trying to Deprive Your Child?

I never go to Wal-Mart.  I never go to Wal-Mart unless it’s 12:00 am and I just caught a frog in the back yard and I want to buy a terrarium for the lil guy so that the kids can enjoy the beauty of the wild within their own home.




I was SHOCKED, and internally angered by how many young kids I saw there.  Awake.  With both parents.  I mean it was fun to see a 5 year old boy shadow boxing, and stabbing imaginary bad guys with his pretend sword. But seriously.


COME ON! Dad, put the kids to bed and then go do your shopping while your wife kicks back and reads a book, or maybe just passes out along with the kids.
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