RECAP: Highland Hikes 2017

Another successful Highland Hikes event in the books folks! We had an awesome turnout – more than doubled our Highland Hikes 2016 – thank you all for coming out!  We conquered Table Rock again and it was a beautiful day to do it! The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, and the Highland Shades and Highland Hydration Bottles did not disappoint.

Highland Hikes is about getting outside, and getting some fun exercise with family and friends!  Don’t miss next year – check out the Highland Hikes Highlight Reel and pics below!

Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Many changes occur to the body during pregnancy including: protruding abdomen, increased back curve, pelvic changes, postural adaptations, etc. There are four stages (pregnancy, labor, following delivery, pediatric care) in which having an optimally working nervous system can help both mother and child. This can be achieved through chiropractic care.

Changes such as protruding abdomen and increased back curve can cause alterations in spinal alignment and nerve function. Regular chiropractic visits will reduce and minimize the pain associated with the alterations of the body.

If you were to try to put a circle through an oval you would undoubtedly have trouble doing so, just as a baby’s head would have increased difficulty fitting through an altered pelvis. Chiropractic allows proper spinal and pelvis alignment in order to improve your labor and delivery experience.

Following Delivery
Even natural births can stress a baby’s spine. Breastfeeding problems can arise if the baby has a subluxation and is unable to comfortably turn its head to one side. Relax, and come see us.  We use a special approach to make our adjustments safe and comfortable.

Pediatric Care
The most common conditions that we treat are colic, ear infections, torticollis, constipation or diarrhea and nursing difficulty.

Before, during and after pregnancy you can avoid the need for medication, reduce low back pain and make carrying a baby a more pleasing experience. We can help! Come see us.

To view Callie’s experience during pregnancy, click the video below.  

Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Adjusting to Back to School

Adjusting to Back to School







Summer 2016 has come to a close, can you believe another summer is in the books? Now that summer is over it is time to get back into the swing of things.

Most of us are gearing up for school, busy schedules, homework, after school activities and the hectic pace of the non-stop lifestyles that come along with school.

Everything from contact sports, playing an instrument, sitting, studying, paying attention in class, carrying a backpack affects the spine and nervous system.  

Keeping your child’s spine and nervous system aligned and balanced is crucial for them to be able to enjoy a healthy and successful year. Posture and spinal alignment during childhood determines the function and health as an adult so it is important to ensure that they have a healthy spine while they are young.

Chiropractic care can keep your child’s spine and nervous system healthy and ensure the best school year yet. Get them scheduled for an appointment today!

Here’s to a healthy school year!


Highland Hikes Registration

Highland Hikes Registration

It’s already June 8th, can you believe it? Highland Hikes is only a few weeks away. If you haven’t registered yet, click HERE.

Bring your family and friends, everyone is welcome! FREE gifts will be given away at the event.

Highland Hikes

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We look forward to seeing you June 25th!

How to Beat Spring Allergies

Blog Graphic_May16

Spring is finally here! Which unfortunately means the return of spring allergies. The dreaded sneezing, wheezing, coughing and itching has become more prevalent than ever before for not only adults but children as well. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, 23.6 million Americans were diagnosed with hay fever in the last year alone. So what has caused this increase? The pollen hasn’t changed. The answer is it’s the difference in how our bodies react to the pollen. Two trends that play a major role in how out bodies react differently are hygiene and diet. 

Hygiene: Today, our bodies no longer need to fight germs as much as they did in the past because we have developed a cleaner lifestyle. In other words, we are too clean and we don’t get enough exposure to common germs to keep our immune system in tip-top shape. Being so clean has resulted in the immune system developing more allergic reactions. 

Solution: Don’t think you need to sanitize everything! Let things get a little dirty. It will keep the immune system running efficiently.

Diet: Researchers are discovering that processed foods impact the immune system, which influences allergies.  The immune system acts as a barrier to protect the body against impurities. When it is broken down by sugar, grains and processed foods the body is less able to protect itself against allergens.

Solution: Avoid sugar, grains and processed foods. Eat more fresh produce, fish, nuts and drink LOTS of water. 

Chiropractic Care: A healthy immune system can be achieved by visiting the chiropractor regularly and here’s why. A healthy spine is essential for a healthy nerve system, which coordinates ALL of the other systems. After countless studies it is now known that chiropractic care has a beneficial effect on balancing the immune system. In addition to the growing research, there are numerous case studies of patients who have witnessed drastic improvements in their health and allergies.



Torticollis? What the heck is that…

Go ahead and put your left ear on your shoulder right now. How does that affect what you do, or what you want to do? Are you able to work the same? Could you drive the same? Can you even breathe the same depth of air?

The answer is unequivocally, NO!  And what you just experienced for a moment is a case of torticollis.

Torticollis affects both children and adults and can have a significant lasting effect on the quality of life, and the quality of spinal health. When this goes untreated it ends up causing pain, skull shape changes, and scoliosis.  In babies this also affects how well they are able to breastfeed and can have a significant impact on their sleep cycle.

For kids, the cause is typically the birth process, which is why we see so many young kids (as young as 20 minutes old!) in our office.  We want to make sure that each child that comes into this world, regardless of the method (natural birth, c-section, etc).  In the video below you will see one of the many cases of torticollis that we have seen significant changes with in our office.

How to Ground Your Kids The Right Way

As a parent we’re always looking for ways to help our kids.  Now even if you don’t have any kids, this still applies to you. Read on and see why you need to ground YOURSELF and your kids right now.

You might be thinking this has to do with discipline.

And it does.  But probably not the discipline you’re thinking of.

Let’s get one thing straight–  life is stressful.  As an adult you might realize that you had it pretty good ‘back in the day’ where your stresses were slightly smaller, and more manageable.  However, stress is all relative to the individual.  So even though we look back and think, “Wow, I had it good…” we need to remember that the reason that the past seems “easier” now, is because our point of reference has changed.

You have stress. Your kids have stress.  The idea that one person’s stress is easier or more manageable is not always the case.

When stress builds up, emotions run high and we can become more volatile and less rational.  Living in a state of stress causes a decrease in your ability to fight illness, it causes acne, hair loss, irregular appetite, and an increase in heart attack and stroke risk.

As we age we experience and learn how to manage our stress. Then things like two hours of homework and a mid-term paper seem easy, and even preferable to adults, but can be the cause of overwhelming amounts teenage stress. Experience in life helps us consciously gage, reduce, and even override our stress response.

Another very helpful way to reduce stress in yourself and your kids is through a good grounding.

Grounding is also called Earthing.  It is a simple way to decrease stress and tension, while energizing and detoxifying the body.  Not only is grounding helpful in clearing mental stress, it LITERALLY will decrease your stress hormones (specifically cortisol) in your body and allow you to be healthier.

How to Ground Yourself or Your Kids

  1. Set aside 10-15 minutes in your day
  2. Kick off your shoes and socks
  3. Walk on barefoot on grass, soil, or sand
  4. Breathe
  5. Smile
  6. Repeat

Every day after work, there is nothing that stops me from kicking off my shoes and socks and heading straight outside to be with my kids in our garden, or running around on the grass.  The health benefits are too great to NOT do this.



(The picture above has up in our office for quite some time as a healthy reminder for grounding)


What do you do in the winter?

So of course this is difficult because true grounding is when your feet come in contact with the earth, not just hardwood floor, carpet or cement. There is still benefit in doing this, but if you’re serious about grounding year round, you can always buy a grounding mat at They also have grounding sheets, pillowcases and computer mats.


How Can the Birth Process Affect Your Baby?

Did you know that nearly 60 to 90 pounds of force takes place on a child’s head during a typical birth? This large amount of force can cause a structural shift in the spine which can lead to secondary conditions including difficulty sleeping, feeding issues, colic, constipation, etc.

The structural shifts that occur in today’s birthing process have three aspects
1. Misalignment
2. Fixation
3. Nerve interference

Normally, the birth process is the first injury a baby obtains in their cranial area, upper neck, and spine. These injuries can occur from interventions that take place during the birthing process such as inductions, forceps, vacuum, C-sections etc. The greater amount of interventions, the more likelihood your child will obtain a significant spinal structure shift.

Thousands of years ago we did not have the modern intervention methods and a technique that we use in today’s birthing processes. Nearly 40% of children were brought into this world without the use of drugs, anesthesia, and surgical tools which lead to less structural shifts of the spine in the newborns.

How Do You Know if Your Baby Experienced A Structural Shift?
There are many physiological signs of a structural shift that you as a parent should be on the lookout for.
Cervical Spine
1. The head is constantly turned toward one direction
2. There is difficulty rotating the head and neck
3. Discomfort and resistance when the base of the skull is touched
1. Hips rotate forward when holding the infant up under arms
2. One buttocks crease is higher compared to the other
3. Arched back
4. Uneven crawling
1. Cranial bones are unsymmetrical
2. Back of the head is flattened
3. Eye orbits are uneven

Early chiropractic checkups are beneficial in preventing these structural shifts from becoming a larger issue in the future. Pediatric adjustments are gentle and harmful to the spine with the use of light pressure along the spine area.

Decongestion with Chiropractic

My daughter Quincy.  She’s 5 months and loves chiropractic.  You’re about to find out why.

Even though she doesn’t know that she loves chiropractic yet, I know that she loves the effects of chiropractic. She recently caught something in the air at the grocery store, church, or some other extremely clean public area.  I noticed this 2 nights ago when she woke my lovely wife up to eat at 5:30am. I heard her give a small little cough that I could tell would escalate to stuffy nose, deeper cough, and decreased quality of sleep for the next couple days. But what about decongestion with chiropractic?


SIDE NOTE: I have been working on Quincy since she was born to correct her spinal misalignments that come with the birth process.  I use scans to objectively show how the nervous system (THE MASTER SYSTEM of EVERYTHING that goes on in our body) was healing and repairing with the adjustments. See below.

highland_chiropractic_pediatricProgress, but still some work.  This is why getting kids checked after they are born is ESSENTIAL! Ok, let’s save that for another post.


Yesterday I came home and was snuggling up with this little girl. She was mouth breathing like crazy, but was still pretty happy with life. She’s always been a big time drooler, but when mouth breathing is involved, this girl can top off a glass.

I decided to do something. I decided to take a picture of her.

I decided I would take a picture because of one reason.  I checked her spine and found that the second vertebra in her neck (C2) was subluxated. (When I say subluxated, I mean that the spine was out of alignment and it was causing decreased nerve function to her sinuses, which led to decreased function of those sinuses – they weren’t draining!)

My intent was to document the drastic changes that a chiropractic adjustment can have on the body.

And here you have it.  The picture on the left was taken about 45 seconds before the picture on the right.


Now, you critics might say, “Oh you took her drool and put it on her nose, big deal.”  And while it almost looks like I did that, the truth stands that chiropractic has such an amazing ability to allow the body to do what it needs to do.  This isn’t the first time this has happened.  Let’s just say we keep boxes of kleenex on hand at all times for when things like this arise with our practice members.

Many don’t know this, but chiropractic adjustments improve immune system function.  Research shows that chiropractic can increase immune system regulators and decrease the amount of time an individual experiences symptoms. Crazy right? Might sound crazy, but it’s true.

If you have experienced the benefits and awesome relief after a chiropractic adjustment, share with others! And if you’re ready to have your child assessed to see how they will benefit from chiropractic…no more waiting. Getting you and your family back to optimum is what we do!

5 Helpful Tips for Having Healthy & Happy Children

We are able to determine how healthy we are by the choices we make with our bodies. In children, optimal health can be reached by eating healthy, moving often, and being able to enjoy life. When we are able to build healthier kids…in the end we will have happier kids…which will lead to more successful kids.

Here are the 5 Helpful tips for having healthy & Happy Children:

1. Proper Fuel: As most of us know, breakfast is the most important meal to start out our day. Unfortunately, for most of us, our mornings consist of rushing around being stressed and our focus is not on having a healthy breakfast. Most of us tend to grab something that is quick and convenient with no nutritional value (and usually toxic). A quick and easy nutritional meal in the morning could be something as simple as a green smoothie (mixture of greens, avocados,coconut oil, and a little fruit) for those that are dealing with stressful mornings.

2. I Like to Move It: If you have children in school, you probably know that most schools still employ the “sit still and listen” learning method. Unfortunately, research has proven that this is not an ideal method and that our brains are actually hardwired so that movement and learning are interconnected. As our body is moving, our brain is better allowed to learn by the release of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BNDF). Starting your child’s day with movement before they leave for school is ideal for them to learn and their highest ability.

3. Look to the Spine: Nearly 200,000 children are sent to the hospital each year in the U.S. due to playground accidents. Aside from playground injuries, backpacks, slips and falls, texting, and computer use can all lead to misalignment of the spine. Chiropractors have the expertise to check a child’s spine for misalignment and nervous system interference. Chiropractic adjustments can help remove nerve interference that is affecting the overall function of your child’s body without the need for drugs or surgery. Frequent chiropractic check-ups are essential for having health and happy kids.

4. Leave the House Happy: A simple good laugh before leaving the house is a great way for your child’s mind and body to become balanced out to enhance their happiness throughout the day. Laughter not only is a great way to start your day off right, but it is also known to strengthen the immune system, boost energy levels, diminish pain, and reduce stress in both your children and you as a parent!

5. The 2 Minute Rule: Our children know when we are actually listening to them vs. pretending to listen to them. It is important as parents to demonstrate the value of conversation with our children. During the first and last minute of every conversation with your child you should aim to be present, focus on them, be quiet, and truly listen to them without the use of any electronics. Although it may be hard, this can make a difference in our children’s life.